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Silk Alternatives: Citrus Fiber and Vegan Spider Silk | Eco-Friendly Options

Silk Alternatives: Citrus Fiber and Vegan Spider Silk | Eco-Friendly Options

Discover sustainable alternatives to traditional silk—introducing citrus fiber silk and vegan spider silk. Ethical, stylish, and planet-friendly fabrics mimicking silk's luxurious feel without the environmental impact. 

Some Eco-Friendly Options:

Citrus Fibre Silk:

Derived from citrus by-products by Sicilian innovators at Orange Fiber, transforms discarded citrus residue into wearable textiles. This manufacturing results in creating an incredibly soft fabric, in a waste-free and vegan way. Salvatore Ferragamo, a high-end fashion brand, first used this silk, and then H&M's conscious collection in 2019.


This fabric is a lab-made spider silk by Bolt Threads (also a manufacturer for mushroom leather), requires only water, sugar, and yeast, offering a cruelty-free, eco-conscious alternative. Spider silk boasts exceptional strength, flexibility, and elasticity, making it an ideal material for sportswear. It has been used by leaders like Stella McCartney.  

Plant Derived-Silk:

You're familiar with plant-based milk, right? Well, brace yourself for plant-derived silk! Crafted from crushed bamboo fibres spun into yarn, this feather-light material mirrors the delicate texture of raw silk. While its creation demands considerable labour and the disposal of waste byproducts can pose hazards if mishandled, it stands as a wholly vegan alternative that's increasingly becoming available. 

Concerned about silk's environmental footprint? Traditional silk production involves boiling silkworms alive, impacting both animals and human labour. Additionally, the energy-intensive process of cultivating mulberry trees for silkworms contributes to environmental damage. 

By opting for cruelty-free fabric alternatives, you can enjoy the silky smoothness guilt-free. Say goodbye to traditional silk's ethical concerns and embrace these eco-chic choices for a sustainable wardrobe. 

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