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People, planet and animals are at the core of everything we do.

At The Revivas we are leading a new culture of transparency, where brands are evaluated according to their sustainable and ethical practices.

The United Nations defines sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”. This is our North Star, guiding every business decision we make and informing every brand partnership that we undertake. 

Our sustainability commitment has informed the development of ten Sustainability Values, across three key pillars of People, Planet and Animals. These Sustainability Values reflect the deep sense of responsibility that we have for the impact of the products in our offering, and we use them as a rigorous framework to vet all the brands that work with. 

We are extremely proud to say that every single brand stocked on our platform is ethically made. As well as a mandatory fulfilment of our Ethically Made criteria, every brand that we partner with must meet at least one additional value from our Planet and Animals categories.
Brands who fulfil six or more of our Values are categorised as Sustainability Champions, and unlock a higher ranking on our website search as well as a badge that makes them immediately identifiable to our customers.  We invite the customers to explore brands based on their environmentally sustainable and socially ethical criteria. Using our site filter, the customers can browse brands according to their conscious credentials and view their sustainable commitments on each brand’s information page. 

Our platform is committed to eliminating greenwashing, and our brand's environmental and ethical claims must be independently verified by the brand. Wherever possible we eliminate confusing jargon and vague claims, focusing on tangible evidence of planet-friend production methods. We look for certifications by third-party authorities wherever possible, ensuring accountability and transparency. 

Our Sustainability Values are focused on three Conscious Fashion pillars: People Conscious, Planet Conscious and Animal Conscious.

People Conscious

Ethically Made


Good Cause 

Ethically Made: We know that truly sustainable fashion cannot focus just on environmental impacts; it must meet the needs of garment workers too. That’s why our mandatory criteria across all the brands that we stock is that their products must be Ethically Made. This means workers are paid at least minimum wage and they are working in safe and healthy conditions, and their Tier 1 suppliers verified by officially recognised accreditations. 

Artisanal: We revere craftsmanship and have an affinity for brands who keep time-honoured craftsmanship alive through their product techniques. Brands whose collections are made using traditional local techniques or are made in a studio or collective of fewer than ten people are recognised under our Artisanal value. 

Good Cause: Giving back profits to charitable initiatives is another way for brands to create a positive impact. Those who give a portion of their profits to a registered charity are recognised by our Good Cause value. 

Planet Conscious



Responsible Materials 

Toxic Free


All materials make an impact on our planet and we consider the impact of the manufacturer  processes and material fibres that make our products. We look for brands that use materials with a low impact and are especially excited to see products that reduce waste by working with recycled fibres. 

Organic: Brands who make 80% or more of an entire collection from certified organic materials are classified under our Organic value. Natural materials that can be classified as organic include cotton, hemp, linen, silk and wool, and we look out for certifications by accrediting bodies such as the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS).

Recycled/Upcycled: Products made with at least 50% recycled and rescued fabrics or deadstock materials are awarded our Recycled/Upcycled value. This encompasses recycled natural fibres such as cashmere and cotton alongside recycled synthetics from polyester to polyamide, as well as innovative fabrics derived from waste materials like ECONYL ®  and Renewcell. We look through the full composition of every product that claims to be recycled and recognise certifications from accrediting bodies, including the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). 

Responsible Materials: Low-impact fabrics require less of the planet’s resources, making them a more responsible choice that doesn’t compensate on quality. We look for natural fibres such as hemp and jute, and man-made plant-based materials including Tencel ® and Lenzing ®, which are cultivated with an attention to their lower environmental footprint. Brands whose collections are made from a minimum of 50% of these conscious fibres are listed under our Responsible Materials value. 

Toxic Free: We don’t just look at what materials our products are made from, but which chemicals have been used in their manufacturing process. Products that are free from hazardous chemicals, including AZO dyes and phthalates are classified by our Toxic Free criteria. We look at the chemical in-puts most relevant to specific products. When it comes to leather goods, we look for additional evidence of chrome-free and metal-free tanning, and the use of vegetable dyes whilst ensuring the tanneries and dye houses used are named. 

Green: Eco-friendly production methods can make a large difference to a product’s environmental impact. We award our Green value to brands whose manufacturing processes and supply chains have one or more of the following: lower CO2 emissions, zero waste, low water consumption, renewable energy or eco-friendly packaging.

Animal Conscious


Cruelty Free

Vegan: Brands who eschew animal products (such as bovine leather) in favour of non-animal derived alternatives are awarded our Vegan value. We look for certifications from bodies such as PETA and the Vegan Society as well as a full material composition and ingredients. 


Cruelty Free: Where animal products are used, we recognise brands protecting animal welfare with ourCruelty Free value. This includes mulesing-free wool and free-range farming. Our focus includes leather, wool, mohair, cashmere and down. The sale of products containing fur and exotic skins is not permitted on The Revivas.

Let’s all help safeguard this beautiful planet we share for now and for the future.

Read our full manifesto and mission statement

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