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6 Considerations When Searching for a Sustainable Clothing Brand

6 Considerations When Searching for a Sustainable Clothing Brand

As the fashion industry faces many environmental issues, more and more consumers are searching for sustainable clothing brands. However, with lots of greenwashing not all claims of sustainability are genuine, meaning that you need to be aware of what you’re buying, how it’s made, and where it comes from. 

Here, The Revivas, a sustainable clothing platform in the UK, outlines six key factors to help you identify genuinely sustainable clothing brands and shop more responsibly.

1. Material

Many modern fast-fashion garments contain polyester, which is energy-intensive to produce and can take centuries to degrade. Polyester is made from oil, a non-renewable resource, and a significant source of pollution. It also requires a lot of energy to create. Look for brands that prioritize eco-friendly or natural materials such as hemp, linen, organic wool, or other innovative alternatives like Tencel, or Lyocell. These usually biodegrade much faster and have a lower environmental impact. While natural cotton is often seen as sustainable, be aware that it can be water-intensive and may contain high levels of chemicals.

2. Supply Chain Transparency

When choosing an ethical clothing brand, supply chain transparency is key. Be sure to research not only how the goods are produced but also the origin of materials being used, and how the finished product makes it to stores. Genuine sustainable brands often provide information about their workers and facilities to show their commitment to fair trade practices and sustainability. Be wary of vague claims or a lack of specific information about production methods.

3. Certifications and Standards

One of the most reliable ways to identify legitimate sustainable clothing brands is through third-party certifications. Certifications such as the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) and Global Recycled Standard (GRS), OEKO-TEX, Responsible Wool Standard ensure that brands meet specific criteria for worker treatment, environmental management, and product quality. When shopping online, keep an eye out for these trusted certifications.

4. Social Responsibility and Giving Back

Many sustainable brands go beyond environmental considerations and actively partake in social responsibility initiatives. This might include charitable works, focusing on enabling female employment, community development projects, giving back one percent of their profits to the planet or other programs aimed at reducing their environmental footprint. Be sure to look for these factors that demonstrate a brand's genuine commitment to making a positive impact.

5. Ethical Labor Practices

The fashion industry has long been affected by labor issues, including exploitation, unsafe working conditions, and bad pay. Truly sustainable brands prioritize the well-being of their workers throughout the supply chain. While this information can be challenging to verify, look for brands that are transparent about their labor practices, provide fair wages, ensure safe working environments, and boast certifications from bodies like Living Wage Employer, Fair Wear Foundation, and B-Corp. Some brands even go as far as to highlight their relationships with specific factories or artisan groups.

6. Packaging Practices

In the age of online shopping, packaging has become a significant environmental concern. Sustainable clothing brands often extend their eco-friendly practices to their packaging choices. Look for brands that use recyclable or biodegradable materials for their packaging. Reducing waste throughout the entire product lifecycle is a strong indicator of a brand's dedication to sustainability.


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Switching to sustainable fashion is an important step towards reducing your environmental impact and supporting ethical business practices. When you consider these six factors, you make safe and environmentally friendly choices that feel good and are better for the planet and people.


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